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Ram Cleaner & Booster Pro is one of the highest rated Speed Booster app in Google Play.
Ram Cleaner & Booster Pro cleans your RAM in just one click.
Languages supported:
★ English
★ French
★ German
★ Hindi
★ Hungarian
★ Indonesian
★ Polish
★ Portuguese
★ Russian
★ Slovak
★ Spanish
★ Thai
★ Vietnamese
Full control of your RAM usage. No Root required. Comes packed with a task killer that kills tasks without crashing killed apps. Introducing a safe task killing mechanism in Android. Lets not kill them brutally!!.
Enjoy your speedy phone now!
Ram Cleaner added WiFi Security feature to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connection. Keep your phone safe from insecure public WiFi.
One Tap Boost helps to speed up phone by freeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster it is.
Ram Cleaner helps to save battery power and extend battery life by hibernating running apps.
🌟 Smart RAM Booster
The most beautiful part of this app is a small, configurable widget that places on top of any app and one-click to RAM boost.

Most of Android devices bundle with limited memory. Android task manager will selectively kill low priority tasks in order to reserve memory to higher priority task.
That’s not always run at an appropriate time, causing low responsive apps, lagging,
especially when you launch a new app after heavily browsing web pages. It causes a worse experience.
RAM Cleaner comes with auto-boost in 4 levels: aggressive, strong, medium, gentle.
☆ Aggressive: kill most of low priority apps
☆ Strong: Kill apps that is low priority as well as consume lightly below an “average”
☆ Medium: kill apps that consumes memory above an “average”
☆ Gentle: kill only apps that uses considerable memory
☆ Auto-boost: boost automatically under RAM available & timing conditions
☆ Overlay widget – Enable RAM Booster overlay widget (on by default), adjust widget’s position, and tap on widget to boost anytime you want
☆ Home screen widget – one tap to boost (long-press your home screen>Widget to add RAM Booster widget)
☆ Notification bar – one tap to boost (toggle notification bar visibility in app’s setting)
☆ Boost Now – tap this button from app’s main screen
Please write an email if you have any problems, questions or feature requests at iambanish@gmail.com
Thanks & Regards,
MobiMagic Apps Inc.

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APK आवृत्ती 1.0.2
सुसंगती Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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